12 JANUARY 2016
Meter Bridge: Kite
the mind veneration single mixes Here is the 7" single mind veneration remix version of 'Kite' by Meter Bridge, along with the instrumental on the 'B' side ;)
09 OCTOBER 2015
Meter Bridge: Kite
the mind veneration mix - In Progress

An in progress remix of the Canadian SynthPop Duo Meter Bridge's track from their latest LP 'Slow Motion'. This is 'Kite'.
31 JULY 2015
Steve Cisek: Sun Light Gone
the mind veneration single mix

Here's a remix in progress of Chicago based Steve Cisek entitled 'Sun Light Gone'. I wanted to give this one a Duran Duran sort of flair. Hope you enjoy!


A quiet track featuring the new 'Virtual CZ' plug-in that emulates the famous line of Casio CZ synths.

"... I was waiting for your song on Soundcloud to open. Suddenly I heard this really cool song come up. I naturally assumed it was one of those pop-up promotional ads for a top-40 artist with a flashy video. I figured I would close that ad and then get to your song. When I suddenly realized, it was YOUR song playing. Wow, it is so utterly professional and modern sounding, I can't stress enough that you three should be submitting that track to a record label. It could easily get radio play. Don't just settle for enjoying the song amongst yourselves and sharing it on Soundcloud. Get your butts to a record label and make BIG THINGS happen with that song!! It's amazing, and I love it totally. I'm totally impressed. Fantastic vocals, great music, so catchy! I am totally blown away by the happy-go-lucky guitar, the perfect vocals, the haunting keyboards, and the catchy overall sound. This song should NOT be left behind. Get your asses out there and make it a chart hit!! I would buy this single in the store, and I am a jaded, cynical record buyer from the past. Nothing impresses me on the radio anymore....but this song would catch my attention and make me want to buy it!!!!

I swear, I love it!!!’ ..."
—SwordVC, via e-mail

"... Awesome effects dynamically combining! Amazingly "Alive" feeling track! Great performances and vocals too!..."
— DelTomix, via SoundCloud


"So great & very Beautiful voice:)"
— SpaceSound, via SoundCloud


"I was blown away by this track and Emily's vocal charisma. Maria Muldaur meets Carrie Rodriguez. Nice guitars too."

— Les Elkind, via Facebook















30 DECEMBER 2014

"... Truly beautiful creation! Fantastic sounds and humanity in this!  I love the feeling of wonder and appreciation this conveys to me..."

— DelTomix, via SoundCloud


"... lovely ambience very uplifting melodies and emotion ..."

— Progeny-1, via SoundCloud

07 JANUARY 2015
STARS & SIRENS: The Wishing Well
the mind veneration single mix

A brand new remix of the acoustic duo of Ryan Daniel + Emily Kresky,
collectively known as Stars & Sirens.