12 NOVEMBER 2015
Saffron Sun
Quietly reflecting on the end of an era which is bathed in the most beautiful glow I've ever known. Recorded November 12, 2015 "... It was really spacey & somehow comforting & familiar, i cant quit place it, but it brought tears to my eyes ..."
— Gessica Knoester, via facebook " ... This track is an envelope of truly beautiful sound that I plan on opening often! ..."
— Daniel S Blackard , via SoundCloud
09 OCTOBER 2015
Meter Bridge: Kite
the mind veneration mix - In Progress

An in progress remix of the Canadian SynthPop Duo Meter Bridge's track from their latest LP 'Slow Motion'. This is 'Kite'.
31 JULY 2015
Steve Cisek: Sun Light Gone
the mind veneration single mix

Here's a remix in progress of Chicago based Steve Cisek entitled 'Sun Light Gone'. I wanted to give this one a Duran Duran sort of flair. Hope you enjoy!


A quiet track featuring the new 'Virtual CZ' plug-in that emulates the famous line of Casio CZ synths.

"... I was waiting for your song on Soundcloud to open. Suddenly I heard this really cool song come up. I naturally assumed it was one of those pop-up promotional ads for a top-40 artist with a flashy video. I figured I would close that ad and then get to your song. When I suddenly realized, it was YOUR song playing. Wow, it is so utterly professional and modern sounding, I can't stress enough that you three should be submitting that track to a record label. It could easily get radio play. Don't just settle for enjoying the song amongst yourselves and sharing it on Soundcloud. Get your butts to a record label and make BIG THINGS happen with that song!! It's amazing, and I love it totally. I'm totally impressed. Fantastic vocals, great music, so catchy! I am totally blown away by the happy-go-lucky guitar, the perfect vocals, the haunting keyboards, and the catchy overall sound. This song should NOT be left behind. Get your asses out there and make it a chart hit!! I would buy this single in the store, and I am a jaded, cynical record buyer from the past. Nothing impresses me on the radio anymore....but this song would catch my attention and make me want to buy it!!!!

I swear, I love it!!!’ ..."
—SwordVC, via e-mail

"... Awesome effects dynamically combining! Amazingly "Alive" feeling track! Great performances and vocals too!..."
— DelTomix, via SoundCloud


"So great & very Beautiful voice:)"
— SpaceSound, via SoundCloud


"I was blown away by this track and Emily's vocal charisma. Maria Muldaur meets Carrie Rodriguez. Nice guitars too."

— Les Elkind, via Facebook















30 DECEMBER 2014

"... Truly beautiful creation! Fantastic sounds and humanity in this!  I love the feeling of wonder and appreciation this conveys to me..."

— DelTomix, via SoundCloud


"... lovely ambience very uplifting melodies and emotion ..."

— Progeny-1, via SoundCloud

07 JANUARY 2015
STARS & SIRENS: The Wishing Well
the mind veneration single mix

A brand new remix of the acoustic duo of Ryan Daniel + Emily Kresky,
collectively known as Stars & Sirens.